"The music was so, so beautiful, so calming, and in a most interesting and peculiar way, so reassuring.  In simple language, the music gave me and my wife a desperately needed spiritual and aesthetic lift. We were so grateful. We are so thankful to all of you for the inspiring and loving volunteer work that you do. You are truly a blessing to the Chicago community."


- Mike Lawler, Patient at Prentice Women's Hospital 

"Sharing Notes is a wonderful organization that provides live music to Chicago Area hospitalized patients. I am a nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and I have seen the performances first hand. The performers bring joy and peace to very ill patients. I support the positive musical message that Sharing Notes provides to patients. It's a wonderful group."

- Michele Law, RN, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

"[Our son] has a rare and very difficult to treat form of epilepsy.  He has been doing really well for the past month thanks to a drug he is receiving through a clinical trial.  Even with how well he is doing, he can't get outside and play like other kids or participate in sports because heat causes seizures.  This has been really hard.  We noticed his love of music right away and suspect it will give him a passion to focus on.  How awesome that the quintet offered him an experience to fan that flame, and that they were so kind to him.  I have also NEVER seen him stay engaged in any one activity for that long.  It is a memory I am sure we will talk about his whole life.... the time he boldly joined the band."

- Mother of a patient at Lurie Children's Hospital

“[Sharing Notes] provides patients with the opportunity to learn about music.… The chance to participate in something other than just their daily therapy or medical treatments. The music performances can be an outlet or a way to cope with a hard day. [Recently] there was a pre-teen patient who at first was just sitting back and not really participating in the Sharing Notes session. By the end, the musicians had her smiling, conducting and creating her own songs. The smiles and control over the music were especially important because this was a patient who had some disappointing news earlier in the day.”

- Becki Logan, Child Life Specialist, La Rabida Children's Hospital

"Your organization's goal of bringing music to hospitals, as well as the type of activities you have the students engage in with patients, challenges Roosevelt students to be creative in a variety of ways that are beneficial for students and patients alike... You are also helping the students to broaden their perspectives while they're in school about the role that music can take past graduation -- participating in your organization helps them to consider other avenues for music-making besides the more traditional lines of work (such as orchestra jobs and academic positions), and potentially to develop organizations or businesses of their own."


- Dr. Stacy Garrop, Head of Composition at the Chicago College of Performing Arts